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Why are energy poverty and energy access such crucial issues? Why do women need to be deliberately included in the ways that we bring energy to those living off the grid? How do women clean energy entrepreneurs transform their communities?

Women + Energy: WeSHINE is a campaign to raise awareness about the benefits of energy access and economic opportunity for women. You can be a part of making the world a brighter place! 6 video portraits of 6 women entrepreneurs who are bringing clean energy to their communities… and the unexpected ways light transforms lives. We’ll be releasing the stories in pairs over the next few months, along with blogposts, shareable graphics, and quotes, so you can be a part of the story. Hadija, a farmer; Esupati, a nurse; Valentine, a community leader; Hilaria, a business woman; Beatrice, an educator; and Chrecensia, an entrepreneur: keep your eyes on our social media for each of their unique, inspiring stories.

We’re particularly excited to share these stories with you, because we are SO grateful for all your support! For the Solar Sister team, seeing the impact that clean energy and opportunity makes in the lives of the women and communities we serve — seeing the smiles, the bright homes, the women meeting and solving problems — it’s what brings us to work every day. We’re so happy we have the chance to share that experience with you.

Be a Solar Sister champion!

As we move forward in making our world more sustainable, we need to make sure that innovative, affordable clean-energy technology reaches those who need it most — women, children, and communities living off the grid. How can you get involved? Join us in raising awareness about the challenges of energy poverty… and why women are an integral part of the solution! Share the stories from the #WeSHINE campaign. We’ve put all the videos, graphics, and stories in one place so they’re incredibly easy to share. And use the hashtags #iamsolarsister #weshine to connect on social media!

This campaign was supported by ENERGIA International Network on Gender + Energy as part of Solar Sister’s “Women + Energy: WE Shine” campaign. Films by Show the Good.

By Fid Thompson

Story Producer + Communications Lead

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