Journeys: Hilaria wins ENERGIA’s Women Entrepreneur of 2017 Award!

June 26, 2017 | Blog | Journeys Journeys: Hilaria Solar Sister Stories | Tanzania |

Hilaria Paschal is a successful entrepreneur because she never gives up and is not afraid to try new things in her business. In 2016, she kept her Solar Sister business going in spite of caring for her sick child and dipping into her savings for the medical costs. Hilaria truly exemplifies Solar Sister’s values of grit and sisterhood!

For this reason, Solar Sister nominated Hilaria for ENERGIA’s Women Entrepreneur of the Year Award. As part of receiving the award, Hilaria travelled to New York City to represent Solar Sister at the 2017 Sustainable Energy for All Forum. While there, she shared her experiences and challenges with sector leaders and innovators and was able to meet other entrepreneurs like herself from around the world.

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Photo Credit: Adam Schultz/ENERGIA

“Hilaria was one of the earliest Solar Sister entrepreneurs in Tanzania, introduced to us by our partners at African Wildlife Foundation. She is a wonderful example of a strong woman who lives Solar Sister’s values. She has not only improved her and her family’s life by being a Solar Sister, but also has been a leader to make sure that other women in her community benefit from the ripple effect of Solar Sister’s green business opportunity.” – Neha Misra, Solar Sister’s Chief Collaboration Officer

Hilaria also received 1,000 EURO as part of the ENERGIA award in recognition of her leadership and dedication to empowering women in her community. Hilaria plans to use the funds to take English lessons, add capital to her business and pay for her daughter’s school fees who is currently studying in Singida to be an accountant.

The Solar Sister training helped me know that in business there are times for growth and times for challenges. There are times that you fall. I would like to tell my fellow entrepreneurs, first of all take risks. They should try and they will succeed.” – Hilaria Paschal

In our Journeys series, we will follow the progress of two Solar Sister entrepreneurs in 2016, to see how women’s empowerment + energy access + economic opportunity transforms lives. 

By Abby Mackey

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