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21683538126_aaf13c738c_z (1)Hilaria Paschal
, a Solar Sister entrepreneur in Tanzania since 2013, wants to focus on strengthening and expanding her network of customers and partners in 2017 to take her business to the next level. With the help of her team of Solar Sister entrepreneurs in Babati and her husband, Hilaria’s goal is to earn enough profit this year to repair her house and create capital for her basket weaving business.

In 2016, Hilaria focused her efforts on helping her customers climb the energy ladder. She went back to many customers that had already purchased solar lanterns and helped them buy solar mobile chargers, reducing the time they spent and costs they incurred previously by needing to travel into town to pay to charge their phones.

Hilaria’s advice to new Solar Sister entrepreneurs this year from her experiences, “Do not give up. Be positive. And work hard!

Hilaria wants to be more proactive this year in overcoming challenges she faces in her business and wants to work together with her Sisterhood team in the Mwada village to do this. The Mwada Sisterhood Group has been working together for over three years and the women also support each other in their basket weaving businesses along with the Solar Sister businesses. Together, the women have fostered love and trust in Mwada. “The community prays for us because we have brought a different lifestyle to their homes,” said Basilisa, a Solar Sister entrepreneur and Sisterhood team member of Hilaria.


In our Journeys series, we will follow the progress of two Solar Sister entrepreneurs in 2016, to see how women’s empowerment + energy access + economic opportunity transforms lives.


By Abby Mackey

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