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Halima Mdee
worked very hard in 2016 to grow her business from the ground up and was able to deliver clean energy access to 280 people in her community.

Halima’s bestselling product is the d.Light S2, a small, affordable solar lantern that replaces the need for kerosene in rural households. Halima herself uses this light and saves 2,500 TZS a week in lighting costs alone. Halima started off this new year by increasing her stock of the S2 immediately.

Halima hopes to earn enough money this year to build a house for her cattle to better protect them from predators. Her main strategy will be to use her bicycle from Solar Sister to find new markets and reach communities that are even farther off the grid.

My dream is to build a house for my cattle. I hope that I will sell more products so I can accomplish my dream.” – Halima Mdee

In our Journeys series, we will follow the progress of two Solar Sister entrepreneurs in 2016, to see how women’s empowerment + energy access + economic opportunity transforms lives.


By Abby Mackey

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