What we do

Solar Sister brings light, hope and opportunity

1.6 billion people on the planet don’t have access to reliable electricity.  That’s one quarter of the world’s population.  70% are women and girls living in developing countries.  They rely on kerosene lanterns and candles for light.  They spend hours each day collecting wood to burn for cooking and heat.  They spend up to 30% of their family income on energy that is insufficient, hazardous and unhealthy.  Unhealthy for people and unhealthy for the planet.  Lack of access to electricity is both a cause and an effect of unremitting poverty.

Solar Sister invests in women to empower them with economic opportunity

The most important step to ending poverty is to create employment and income opportunities.  Solar Sister does just that by empowering women with economic opportunity.  Using an Avon-style distribution system, Solar Sister creates vital access to clean energy technology by building and extending the supply chain through women’s rural networks. Solar Sister provides the women with a ‘business in a bag’, a start-up kit of inventory, training and marketing support. The women become their own bosses, creating sustainable businesses. The women use their natural networks of family, friends and neighbors to provide the most effective distribution channel to rural and hard-to-reach customers.

Investing in women is not just the right thing to do, it’s the smart thing to do

Leveraging the power of the market place, a one time investment in a Solar Sister Entrepreneur creates a chain reaction of social impact as the Solar Sister Entrepreneur turns over her inventory again and again.  Solar lamps replace the toxic kerosene lanterns and solar cell phone chargers provide connectivity in even the most energy poor communities.

Make an investment today that will change a life forever

Access to clean energy technology enhances education, improves health and safety and provides economic opportunity.  Through economic opportunity and the transforming benefits of solar technology, women are able to lift themselves, their families and their communities out of poverty.

EMPOWER a woman today invest in a woman invest in the future>>