Social Enterprise

Solar Sister is a social enterprise business

Our mission is to empower women with economic opportunity and eradicate energy poverty.  We use a market based program to distribute solar technology that provides income to women entrepreneurs and is the most effective distribution for new technology to rural households.

Solar Sister reaches the women who would otherwise not have an opportunity to become entrepreneurs and provides them with a holistic package of working capital, business training and marketing support.  The women create sustainable businesses that produce earned income.  We reinvest all profits back into growing the network of Solar Sister Entrepreneurs, creating a sustainable business with a growing impact.  Solar Sister is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit.  Our investment in the Solar Sister Entrepreneurs generates maximum social, economic and environmental impact.

Solar Sister gives you the opportunity to join us and leverage your support through social investments

You can make a lasting impact by making a social investment in a Solar Sister Entrepreneur of your choosing.  An investment of as little as $25 can make a difference when combined with other micro-investors.  $500 provides a full ‘business in a bag’, the start-up kit of working capital, training and marketing support that empowers a Solar Sister Entrepreneur to earn much needed income to support her family, and establish a solar business that brings safe, clean solar light to her community.

Social investment: How can it be a donation and an investment?

Your donation is invested 100% in a Solar Sister Entrepreneur’s business.  When the Entrepreneur sells lamps, the money she receives is reinvested in new inventory, enabling her to operate an ongoing business and earning a sustainable income from commissions.   In this way, your one time gift is leveraged again and again.  Instead of getting an economic return on your investment as you would in a for-profit organization, your return is the sustainable social, economic and environmental benefits, leveraged for maximum impact.

$1 invested generates $46 economic benefits for the Solar Sister and her customers

Every dollar invested in a Solar Sister Entrepreneur generates over $46 in economic benefits in the first year alone, through earned income for the Solar Sister Entrepreneur,  and the immediate cash savings of her customers as they avoid the cost of expensive kerosene.