Fight energy poverty

energy poverty in africaImagine:

You are a young girl living in a rural village in Africa. You dream of doing well on your exams so that you can continue your studies at a well regarded secondary school. But, by the time you have finished your chores, had dinner, and helped clean up the dishes, it is dark. You try to study by the light of the tadooba, but it the smoke burns your eyes and makes you cough…


You are a mother with a day too full of caring for children, tending a garden, preparing the meals, walking to market. At the market, you have to choose between buying meat for dinner, or kerosene for the lantern…


You are a nurse in a rural clinic, tending to a small child that requires a blood transfusion due to severe anemia, but your lantern has burned out and you can not see to find the child’s tiny vein…

The reality:

Over 300 million women and girls in sub-Saharan Africa don’t have to imagine these scenarios, this is their reality. Energy poverty negatively impacts the education, productivity, health and safety of 1.6 billion people in the developing world, 70% of whom are women and girls. Even with the recent technology advances that makes clean solar electricity affordable to the poor, there has not been widespread distribution and adaptation in rural communities.

Change it

It only takes a $500 investment to set up a Solar Sister entrepreneur with training, support and her initial stock of lamps. After than she is self funding and independent. With your support, a woman can become a Solar Sister Entrepreneur and bring safe and healthy light to her community.
Invest $500 to empower a Solar Sister. You can make a difference today.

Solar Sister Video: True story of breaking the poverty cycle