Fight climate change

Kerosene pollutionThe primary source of greenhouse gas emissions in the developing world comes from hazardous and expensive fuel-based sources such as kerosene*.   Kerosene lamps are responsible for the annual emission of over 100 million tonnes of CO2; each lamp emits one tonne of CO2 over the course of its five year life.

There is a different way – each Solar Sister lamp sold can replace one or more kerosene lamps, thereby reducing global carbon emissions on the scale of tens of thousands of tons.

Our aim is for each Solar Sister to sell 100 lamps per year.  If we project this forward over five years, we not only help each Entrepreneur to build an independent income and bring light to hundreds of homes across Africa, but each Entrepreneur will directly remove 30 tonnes of CO2 emissions.

Imagine a network of 1,000 Solar Sisters Entrepreneurs and the numbers get very big very quickly.  This is what we want to do.  It only takes a $500 investment to set up a Solar Sister entrepreneur with training, support and her initial stock of lamps. After than she is self funding and independent. With your support, a woman can become a Solar Sister Entrepreneur and bring safe and healthy light to her community.
Invest $500 to empower a Solar Sister. You can make a difference today.



* Source: Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratories (LBNL).